My name is Davron Boyd and I graduated from Western University, with a degree in business. Growing up in the city of Chicago, helped me to acquire the mentality of a servant. My focus is in this direction because this city has one of the highest crime rates in America, increased levels of violence, and a high poverty rate. I used music as an escape mode from all of the negativity. As time went on, I realized I had to make a change, so that I could assist others. I began to see that I was intrigued by the business aspect of the music/entertainment industry.

While going through life’s ups and downs, I chose to direct my attention on my strengths and areas that I wanted to improve. My greatest strengths are my work ethic, creativeness, and ambition to be successful. Most people think of creativity from an artistic standpoint, but my definition requires thinking outside of the box. My ambitious attitude originated from knowing many people who didn’t fulfill their dreams; some never reached their full potential because their lives ended at an early age.        


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