The Introduction of Li-Fi

The Introduction of Li-Fi


As a millennial one of our biggest issues when visiting someone or going to a new place or even a hotel a question about Wi-Fi arises. Whether it be do they have free Wi-Fi? Or what’s the Wi-Fi code? Millennials biggest issue is being disconnected from the internet. With internet being a huge part of our era Wi-Fi is almost vital to our everyday lives.

Harald Hass, an Austrian professor of the Edinburgh University is responsible for the creation of this new technology called “Li-Fi”. In a test run it was capable of achieving speeds of up to 1 GB a second, let’s put that in a way that almost everyone may understand, that is 100 times faster than average Wi-Fi… One… Hundred… It’s impossible for me to even fathom the speed of internet to be that many times faster than what I am used to. Imagine being able to download movies in mere seconds. We are living in a day and age where its takes minutes, even hours to download movies, music, etc. I know that’s the millennial in me talking but it’s amazing. In addition to that it’s capable of having a bandwidth of up to 10,000 times the bandwidth of the Wi-Fi we are used to using.

When it comes to marketing everyone will be able to take advantage of this. Let me add a real life example to this. Western Illinois University (WIU), the school I attend, has major problems with the Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi in the dorms is very slow. With the Wi-Fi being extremely slow people in the dorms buy and install routers to make the Wi-Fi faster but in return interrupts the service for other individuals. Insert Li-Fi, now all students are able to enjoy and share the internet with no interruptions. Another real life example is, students at WIU often use Amtrak as a mode of transportation. The Wi-Fi on the trains are slow, along with an already long ride with little to no internet access, Amtrak could lose out on customers because of their aggravation with the Wi-Fi. Insert Li-Fi, Amtrak has a chance to increase its customer base by making the traveling experience much more enjoyable.

Li-Fi can be marketed to companies in the essence of they can be the very first company to use the technology. Places like McDonalds, Starbucks, and bookstores that offer free Wi-Fi can use this. Many people go to those aforementioned stores because they have free internet, I am guilty of this. They can increase the amount of people who enter their establishment with the faster internet. Intelligence agencies have expressed an interest in the potential security of Li-Fi, and airlines are also considering the technology aboard aircrafts.



5 thoughts on “The Introduction of Li-Fi

  1. Playing devils advocate. I dont know if i want faster internet! I enjoyed the days when people actually talked to each other and read books on paper not through a screen. But that’s just me. And i sometimes am consumed with instant gratification and want things to happen right now. So yes i would love companies to have better faster internet and being able to market them to students, employees, kids etc.


  2. This would be amazing. I get so tired of slow internet. 1000x faster than normal would be awesome. I just want to know how long before it come to life


  3. Crazy to think how far we’ve come technology wise, from the times of downloading illegal music (not implying myself of course!)and waiting one hour for a song and now we could possibly get a GB a second.


  4. A faster internet will only make people more unintelligent as they are now. People today want everything quick fast and in a hurry, and that’s why a lot of people don’t know how to work hard for something that is earned. I kinda disagree with you about enjoying a faster internet…for one it will most definitely cause more problems in our human interaction.


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