Here are a list of marketing and technology Mashups I have found interesting. You can also download this document here

Wheel of Lunch (

Wheel of Lunch allows users to pick lunch in an entertaining way. Users go to the website that is created by KRAZYDAD and powered through Yelp and decide what to eat. They enter their location, their preference of food and the distance that they are willing to go get the food and hit spin. A variety of different options are populated and Wheel of Lunch randomly selects lunch for the user.

Wheel of Lunch is a very unique tool. Most people have been in a situation in which they and a group of friends don’t know what they want to eat. Wheel of Lunch eliminates the difficulty by randomly selecting a choice. If a business isn’t listed through Yelp, Wheel of Lunch should encourage them to make sure they listed. It enhances business now because a user may not have heard of the restaurant when Wheel of Lunch generates its list and choose one that may not have known one of their favorite restaurants was within a close distance.

Musicovery (

Musicovery generates music for a user based on their mood, choice of artist and genre. After selecting one of the following. Musicovery generates a map of possible songs or artist catered to your choice and displays it on 2 axes dark/positive or calm/energetic. The technology was put together by Vincent Castaignet creator of the “Mood pad” and Frédéric Vavrille creator of Liveplasma.

Musicovery makes itself useful because users may not know what they want to listen to. Often people find themselves looking for music to help them do work or study this benefits them in that aspect. Musicovery boost the use of the Mood Pad and makes users aware of the technology. Now users can turn around and ask different companies to implement this technology so users can easily make a decision based on their mood.

Trendsmap (

Trendsmap mashes up Twitters Trending Topics with Google Maps along with the What the Trend site. It shows trending topics throughout different geographical areas throughout the world.

This allows users to engage in a conversation that they knew nothing about. They can now see what is trending in other places whether it be city, neighborhood etc. Business can use this to engage in the conversation online as well by making a tweet relevant to the conversation showcasing their product. It helps business stay current with the world without doing much work.

Panoramio (

Panoramio is a mash-up of Google Maps and geopositioned photographs of locations. Photos can be uploaded to the site and can be accessed as a layer in Google Earth and Google Maps, with new photos being added at the end of every month.

The goal is to allow users to learn more about a given area by viewing the photos that other users have taken at that place. For instance let’s say a person is looking to move in to a new neighborhood Panoramio allows users to see real un altered pictures from real people who have taken pictures in that area. It allows a real life feel to people to experience a place that they can’t physically observe.


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