Changes coming soon to NFL helmets

Changes coming soon to NFL helmets

In 2015, there have been 108 concussions in the NFL so far, in 2014 there were 111, 148 in 2013 and 173 in 2012. 87 deceased NFL players tested positive for brain disease. Concussions are scary and lead to almost life threatening effects. Football is an exciting and interesting sport to play and watch but there has to be some type of changes in the equipment to ensure the safety of everyone that plays.

The National Football League is investing $20,000,000 in new technology to prevent concussions. This new technology is being developed through The University of Washington. They are creating a contact absorbing helmet, which slows the speed that a head snaps back after a collision. The NFL has been under fire since multiple NFL players death have stemmed from some type of brain damage. As a person who played, my mom was scared to let me play football, and my sister is currently afraid to let any of my nephews play. I completely understand why. At this point I am almost scared to let my future off spring enjoy playing the sport as well.

A statistic that I once read said that the force of a collision on the football field during a snap is similar to the impact of a car crash. Amazing and terrifying all at the same time. It’s hard for me to imagine how football was played with little to no head or facial coverings in its initial inception. It’s hard for me to really explain how I can still go out and play street football with my friends with no equipment at all. As I stated in my Podcast that a time could come when a technology could be developed to help with concussions in the NFL.

From a marketing standpoint this technology in return can be marketed to a number of football leagues and school. I think this technology should be heavily marketed to elementary school, high schools and colleges. A few weeks back a friend of mines lost his brother in a football related accident. He was involved in a collision on the last play of the game, he walked off the field and collapsed. The force of the impact caused his head to swell and he eventually died. This is why I believe it should be heavily marketed to them. This technology could soon be marketed to the MLB in hopes of creating a baseball helmet to absorb the force of the ball hitting the helmet. Another way this technology could be sold is, a way for the US military to make helmets and other protective gear in the time of battle that could absorb the force of a bomb, bullet, or anything.


5 thoughts on “Changes coming soon to NFL helmets

  1. Concussions are definitely a serious topic now a days in sports. It is great that researchers are looking at new technology for equipment to hopefully reduce concussions. I definitely believe that other sports will use the technology.


  2. I agree that football is a very dangerous sport and this new helmet would probably be beneficial. I just wonder how it will be developed. Will players be able to play the same as they do with a regular helmet, for instance is it going to be much heavier or the same weight as a regular helmet? Also how do you market this for an elementary school where the kids mainly play touch football and may not feel it is necessary to have these new helmets.


  3. Understanding why companies want to be ahead of the game (pun intended), in the aspect of health care and safety for players is amazing! They can easily leave the helmets and other equipment as is and continue to make millions off the sport; instead they are spending millions to save lives while improving the quality of the sport. This is also a great marketing tool to ensure player’s and their families that every effort it put forth to help the accomplish great things!


  4. Like you I fear about allowing my child to play football when he grows old enough. It’s such a large part of our culture and yet the dangers of such a violent sport are very real.


  5. I don’t like football at all! I understand that it is entertaining for people but it just too much. For one, I don’t really understand the game lol, & for two I don’t like how they tackle one another. I understand their intentions isn’t to hurt them, but in the long run, a football player body will never be the same. I agree with you, there needs to be more testing done, I believe that is the number 1 problem football players have, unlike sprained ankle, torn acl, etc. This was a good one Dav.


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